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Warum abmühen im Lernprozess von Golf wichtig ist

Von Michel Monnard

Ich habe diesen Text bei jemandem gefunden, der für mich eine grossartige Quelle an Wissen ist. Michael Hebron.

From Jeff Klein

Mike my most significant development in my coaching and my own game came when I LEARNED to sincerely embrace the struggle rather then negotiate it. Specifically, all the thoughts( doubts, frustration, excitement, resignation, etc.) are just made up things our brains are designed to do. So, if that’s the case, I choose to embrace „struggle“ and consider this the actual moment learning and development can take place. I see and have experienced this is where the large majority of participants bail out. They have missed it. You may feel good when things are going well, but very little progress is made during those times. How do you do this? Just change the context. Really get that if you want to get to that next level, you must reach a period of „I can’t do this“. When your brain says that, get excited because a breakthrough is around the corner.

Wenn also der Moment im Training erreicht ist, an dem sie das Gefühl haben, es nicht hinzubekommen, dann hat der ganz grosse Lernmoment angefangen! Halten Sie durch, insistieren Sie. Wichtig ist nur, dass sie vorher die richtige Information vom Golflehrer mitsamt der richtigen Übungsabfolge bekommen haben.


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